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Tips that will help the environment and your wallet

With many people spending more time at home it is inevitable that our energy consumption will go up. Rather than being hit by unexpected bill shock, try these energy saving tips to reduce your energy consumption and help the environment at the same time.

Temperature control

  • Adjust the thermostats on your heating/cooling (18-21°C in winter, 23-26°C in summer) and set your hot water system to 60°C
  • Cleaning air filters on heaters and coolers to allow them to work more efficiently
  • Open and close curtains to best use the sun’s energy and to keep heat in or out
  • Install draft stoppers around doors and windows to prevent cold air from coming in
  • Close doors in your house and only heat or cool the spaces being used

Lighting and appliances

  • Turn off lights when not in use 
  • Only boil the amount of water in a kettle that you plan to use
  • Turn off electrical equipment (including laptops and monitors) at the power point rather than leaving on standby 
  • Switch your computers energy-saving mode on (if possible), which lowers power consumption 
  • Be sure to fill your dishwasher and washing machine before running them
  • Use a cold water cycle for your laundry loads and the lowest temperature on the dishwasher whenever you can
  • Hang your clothes outside to avoid using a clothes dryer
  • A fridge works more efficiently when full, so add pantry items to take up space if you need to

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View your consumption from your smart meter

If you are a Jemena residential customer, you can register for our online electricity use monitoring tool: our Electricity Outlook Portal. You can see how your daily electricity use compares to this time last week, last month, and even last year.


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