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My Smart Meter

A smart meter is an electronic meter that records energy consumption in intervals of 30 minutes and 5 minutes (for meter installed after Dec 2018) and communicates the information back to us. We then pass this through to your electricity retailer for billing purposes.

In 2009, the Victorian Government directed electricity distributors to install smart meters across their networks. Since then, we have successfully installed smart meters to more than 99 per cent of homes and businesses in Melbourne’s north western suburbs.

When used with our free Electricity Outlook Portal or an in-home display, the smart meter can save you money by helping you to better understand and manage your electricity use. Data from the smart meter makes it clear how much electricity you use, when you use it and how much it costs you. With this information, it's easier to shop around and find a retail offer that reduces your costs and meets your needs.

Smart meters provide other benefits, including no more estimated bills and immediate notification of any supply problems, so we can reconnect you faster.

If you don’t have a smart meter, contact us to arrange installation.