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Future Gas

The gas that we supply through the network to our customers is evolving as we head towards a net zero future.  Jemena is investing heavily in renewable gases, a carbon neutral source of gas supply, by tapping into resources like every day organic waste. We are proud of our investments in biomethane and hydrogen, having built one of the first Power-to-Gas trials to inject hydrogen into the gas distribution network and Australia’s first facility that injects biomethane into the gas network.

Malabar Biomethane Injection Plant

Our Malabar Biomethane Injection Plant is Australia’s first project to inject biomethane into the gas network. This game changer for delivering low-emission energy is in partnership with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).  The delivery of biomethane has the potential to offer environmental benefits and economic activity boost through the circular economy. 

Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub 

Our Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub is a cutting edge facility that is demonstrating how hydrogen can play a leading role in emission reduction. One benefit is delivered through hydrogen being injected into the gas network and mixing with the natural gas. Mixing hydrogen with natural gas reduces the emissions of the gas delivered to homes and businesses, providing them with a clean energy boost. 

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