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Future Energy

Our Evolving Energy System

We’re serious about our contribution to a decarbonised future. Caring for the environment goes hand in hand with caring for our people and communities. 

We’ve been passionate about our role as a trusted link in the supply chain from fossil-fuel generators to customer loads. And we’re delivering energy through a new, more sophisticated and complex landscape with that same passion. We relish, embrace and rise to new challenges.

Future Gas

Gas is on the move. And the direction is toward renewables. Biogas and hydrogen are breathing new life into the gas industry, helping to bring about a more sustainable future. We're excited about the part we have to play in this transition.

Future Electricity

When it comes to electricity, we’re leading the flow towards decentralisation and digitisation. The Electric Vehicle revolution and advancing grid technology offer freedom and flexibility to our customers, with energy storage options growing all the time.


As a provider of energy services and solutions, we are committed to caring for our people, the environment, and the community. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected across our business. As a major energy infrastructure and maintenance services group, we know we have an important role to play in not only delivering sustainable outcomes across our operations, but also in contributing to the transition to a low-carbon energy system.
While environmental and climate outcomes are a crucial part of our sustainability approach, we recognise that sustainability is a broader concept which captures things like how we contribute to the communities where we operate, how we structure our operations, and how we ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.