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Future Electricity

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Our 10-Year Strategy

Over the next ten years there will be major changes happening across the energy industry. This video outlines Jemena Electricity Network's ten-year strategy to prepare for these changes and to support Victoria’s move to net-zero.

Electricity-wise, we’re fully focused on the Future Five.



Wave a long goodbye to colossal power stations. We’re ready to be part of tomorrow’s landscape, where clean energy and decentralised systems form bright, bold new territory.



Smart meters, sensors, automation, machine learning, AI – the digital revolution is everywhere. These changes impact our customers as well as our electricity distribution grid. Along with the challenge of the new comes the chance to cut costs and streamline processes.

At the same time - the shift to cloud computing and Saas (software as service) still means massive data centres. Which still need power.

Which means Jemena needs to up our supply, throughout the network, to the benefit of all our customers.



The Paris Agreement entered into force on 4 November 2016. As of April 2018, 175 out of 197 countries (parties) ratified the convention, including the Australian Government.

The more variable renewable generation sources that enter the system, the greater the need for flexible, dispatchable and coordinated capacity to maintain system reliability and security.

At Jemena, we’re up for that.



The move to renewables means electrification replacing fossil-fuel sources for core energy end-use, such as transport and heating.

Electric Vehicles – EVs – present an exciting opportunity to elevate the electricity distribution network. Vehicle-to-grid technology enables the battery-on-wheels effect, offering a precious generation resource.

The $3.4 million year-long EV Grid Trial – a partnership between Jemena and four of our closest ally companies in the network business – has shown how managed charging can help balance extra demand on the electricity grid during peak times.

Participants have seen how smart chargers – as well as charging up to three times faster than the regular - enabled dynamic adjustment to soak up excess solar power.

All roads are leading to increased efficiency and flexibility, and Jemena is in the fast lane.


Energy Storage

Energy storage is all about turning electricity into forms you can store for later. Batteries are where the action is. The good news is battery storage is getting cheaper by the minute, and it's not slowing down. Australia is among the top 8 countries set to surge on battery storage.

Community batteries store daytime solar energy for night-time use, benefiting the grid and local customers. Jemena is installing four community batteries in Victoria in 2024, backed by Australian Government funding. Third-party batteries can join the network too.

Future Readiness

At Jemena, we’re setting sights on the future. Our vision is clear. 
A sharp focus on solar reliability means we’ve outstripped our 2023 goal by 12 months. And our Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan is putting us on the front foot to meet challenges and opportunities to come.