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Future Networks

Jemena Electricity Networks Analytics reveal where solar could under-perform on reliability. This information helps us set smart priorities and guides the programs to enhance connectivity and flow.

Customer voltage is becoming more mobile and more dynamic, through better aligned distribution.

Solar Reliability

We have hit 70% improvement in solar reliability 12 months ahead of our 2023 target.

And that’s been accompanied by a 70% drop in solar-related complaints.

The days of increased solar meaning decreased performance are well and truly behind us. And Jemena sees plenty more progress ahead.


EV Grid Trial

The aim of our Electric Vehicle Grid Trial was to explore the impacts of EVs on the system, plus consumer appetite for managed charging.

The results of the trial are illuminating:

  • 60% of participants were happy for their electricity network business to adjust their EV charging during the trial
  • 74% preferred managed charging over convenience charging
  • 83% of participants had rooftop solar PV installed at their home.

Keeping in mind the participants were early adopters, and maybe not mass market representative, that some Wifi connections weren’t reliable etc, it’s fair to say more work needs to be done to deepen our understanding.

But there’s no doubt the appetite is out there, along with potential for creativity, and we’re committed to further exploration.


Jemena’s Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan

 We’ve built this through five channels.

Flexible services

We’re looking at flexible exports for solar PV from 2026, then imports from 2028 for ‘opt in’ EV charging.  To mitigate both minimum and peak demands.

Planning standards

Standards for provision of EV charging load and electrification of gas to come in 2024/25.

EV data

EV visibility and data capture from 2024, with load forecasting for Low Voltage network from 2025 onwards.

Pricing to reflect costs

We’re looking at an EV tariff as part of our 2026 Price Reset.

Policies and regulation

We’ll go on partnering with policy makers to guarantee the best outcomes for our customers.