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How our pricing works

As an electricity distribution network business, the prices we charge customers are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator.

Every five years we submit a proposal to the regulator that must outline the:
• services we will offer
• costs we are likely to incur
• prices we propose to charge our customers during the five-year regulatory period

Shaping our 2026-31 regulatory proposal

Over the next two years we will develop a five-year proposal for the 2026-31 period.  

We will:
• listen to and address customer feedback
• consider the services we provide
• forecast the costs of providing our services
• calculate the prices required to recover the forecast costs.

As a part of our engagement with customers, we seek input into developing the regulatory proposal to ensure it meets a diverse range of customers’ needs. The decisions we make today will help shape the future of the electricity distribution network.

If you are a Jemena customer, you can get involved. Our customers are invited to shape our proposal and help contribute to the future network that will impact generations to come.

Join us in our customer engagement journey and register your interest today.

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