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The number of homes with rooftop solar is growing every day. In 2023 more than 55,000 of our customers (around 15 per cent) had solar panels. By 2035 we expect the number of homes with rooftop solar to almost double to more than 100,000 customers.
We are working hard to prepare the Jemena Electricity Network for the future. This includes conducting trials to ensure the network can manage the extra energy being generated and fed back into the grid from rooftop solar. 

Voltage Management Trial

As more homes have rooftop solar installed, this can impact the voltage of electricity on our network. A Voltage Management Trial is being carried out in Airport West and Coburg South within the Jemena Electricity Network. The trial will begin in February 2024 and will end in July 2024.

The Voltage Management Trial will test the use of new technology that will regulate the voltage of electricity supplied to homes and businesses. By regulating the voltage, it will reduce the risk of voltage issues that can cause damage to customer equipment, and reduce the likelihood of solar inverters shutting down due to high network voltages for customers with rooftop solar.

The trial is an important step forward in our work to prepare our electricity network for the future by allowing more renewable energy, such as rooftop solar, to connect to our network. It will also help improve the overall reliability of our network in the long-term.

There should be no impact to our residential or commercial customers during this trial.