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New Connections

Need electricity? We’ll connect you. 
Whether you’re moving home, renovating, or changing the way you’re running a business – whatever’s going on we’ve got it covered.

Types of Connections

Basic Connections

We can make most new residential and small business connections through our model standing offer.

Pit Installations

Pits are usually installed at the property boundary to facilitate the supply of electricity via an underground service to that property

Embedded Generation/Solar

Involves any form of onsite generation installed on your premise.

Negotiated Connections

A Negotiated Connection refers to an agreed contract between Jemena and a customer where site requirements are beyond what are considered basic. 


If the supply capacity you request in your application is not available, we may be required to make changes to our network to meet your needs. This may impact the cost and timeframe of your request. 

Important information


If you’re subdividing, you’ll need to include a plan of subdivision in your application. Just select the “subdivision” option and attach your proposed plan in the "document details" section. (Please note – NO architectural or building site plans as substitutes, thanks). 


You’ll also need to give details on the electricity supply for the existing dwellings, including the service connection route and meter position.

Existing and proposed equipment

Please give us your very best estimate for the electricity supply you mean to use, in kilowatts or horsepower. 


Your input on specific needs, like air-con and floor-heating, means we can tailor our design to fit them. 

Property sketch

Please sketch your property layout so we can pinpoint your desired electricity supply locations. 


For larger rural properties, precise details on every structure and object are a must. Measurements and pole numbers too. Fences taken as property boundaries unless stated.


Here’s a tip – there’s a good chance you can get a free aerial photograph of your property on the internet or through your real estate agent or council.


And please tell us about any:

•    rows of trees
•    buildings
•    waterways
•    railway lines
•    highways
•    steep slopes
•    rocky terrain
•    power lines crossing
•    utility assets (Telstra etc)


If in doubt, spell it out!

Pole numbers

Please provide the distance to the nearest power pole to your property. Pole number too. This is usually found on a plastic or aluminium strip fixed to the pole at about eye level, often starting with the letter A. Sending a clear photo of the strip is a good way to get the number right, and prevent potential delay.

Electrician Hub

Are you an electrician working within our network? Visit our Electrician Hub for all the information you'll need. 

Frequently Asked Questions