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Electrician Hub

Jemena Electricity Portal

You can use our Electricity Portal to lodge the following requests:
•    New Connections with meter installation 
•    Existing supply and metering alterations
•    Overhead to underground (pole to pit) connections
•    De-energised sites: abolition and meter-removal

Retailer Initiated Services

•    New Connections requiring more than 80Amps supply capacity
•    New Connections requiring same-day meter energisation (power on when meter and line installed)
•    Abolition and meter removal for active sites (where power still on inside property)

What paperwork do we need from you?

We need at least the following to complete your connection request:

New Connections - Single Premise

•    Electrical Works Request (EWR) 
•    Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) 


New Connections - Multiple Premises/Group Metering

•    Electrical Works Request (EWR) for each premise
•    Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) for each premise
•    Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) for group metering panel
•    Plan of subdivision if property being subdivided into multiple dwellings
•    Council-approved street number allocation doc for each dwelling where property subdivided 


Unmetered New Connections (only available through AGL) 

•    Electrical Works Request (EWR)
•    Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES)
•    Site Drawing (if location for connection not visible on Google Maps)

Alterations to existing supply and metering

•    Electrical Works Request (EWR)
•    Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES)   

Please note – a truck appointment – or two appointments for works more than one hour – is also essential.

Abolishments (disconnections including meter removal)

•    VESI form

Please note, as per Electricity Safety Act 1998, removal from a property of meter or service line without approval from your electricity distributor is prohibited. Where you intend to demolish any dwelling, make sure Abolition of Service is completed before you begin.

Service Pit Installations

•    Site drawings with proposed pit locations
•    Plan of sub-division if applicable.

Please be advised that any alternative or amended hand-written or printed versions of Certificate or Electrical Safety documents will not be accepted by Jemena unless approval from ESV is provided.