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Landholder Information

Working near a high pressure pipeline

Process for preparing to work near a high pressure pipeline



Prior to commencing works near or over the High Pressure Gas Main, you must supply Jemena with your proposal of works including design plans. You must allow a minimum of two weeks for Jemena to review your work.

Guidelines for constructing around Jemena assets will be provided prior to you commencing works.

Please mail your proposed work details to: Jemena Asset Management Pty Ltd, Lands Department, PO Box 1220, North Sydney, NSW 2059 or email to:


Before you dig, know what's below.



Lodge an enquiry by visiting Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) and follow the prompts.
This is a free pre-excavation referral service.
It is a requirement of all work over and near Jemena’s assets that a BYDA enquiry be undertaken.



I have an easement registered on my property title – what does this mean?

An easement is a form of tenure that is acquired by Jemena to provide protection to its gas assets. Easements give Jemena the right to use the land for operating its assets and include mandatory requirements for any landholder and third party undertaking work on, over or near the easement. Encroachment into an easement may impact the integrity of the pipeline and increase the risk to the safety of our surrounding community. 

If you are unsure of the easement terms of an asset traversing your property please contact the Lands Team at


Essential references

These guides will help you to design your project:

Technical Guidelines - Designing, Constructing and Operating Assets near Jemena Gas Pipelines
Technical Guidelines - Designing, Constructing and Operating around the existing AS4645 Natural Gas Network
Technical Guidelines - Planting of Vegetation near Gas Pipelines