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Northern Gas Pipeline

The Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) is a key component of Jemena’s Northern Growth Strategy which seeks to build an interconnected supply chain of energy delivery assets in northern Australia through targeted acquisitions and greenfield developments.

The Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) is a 622km gas transmission pipeline between Tennant Creek (NT) and Mount Isa (Qld). It is owned and operated by Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd. The NGP, which links the formerly separate northern and eastern gas markets, started commercial operations in January 2019.  

The main purpose of the NGP is to provide a pathway to transport gas from production facilities in the Northern Territory to demand centres in Mount Isa and eastern Australian states. It is an example of Jemena's continued commitment to providing dependable and competitive gas transportation solutions. 

Jemena is committed to the provision of voluntary, non-discriminatory, pipeline access to third parties. We operate within a framework that takes into account sound commercial principles, and provides a fair and reasonable foundation to meet shippers’ needs.  Jemena believes that such a commitment is essential to the development of transparent and competitive markets for pipeline services.

Local and Indigenous participation have been key considerations for Jemena throughout the planning, construction, commissioning and operation of the NGP. 


NGP Commercial Information

Gas Transportation Agreement (GTA)      Standard Terms & Conditions Click here for GTA Terms & Conditions      
Nitrogen Removal Service Agreement (NRSA)  Standard Terms & Conditions Click here for NRSA Standard Terms & Conditions 
NGP Tariff Schedule & Regime

Click here for NGP Tariff Schedule & Regime

Transportation Services Click here for NGP Transportation Services and Pricing Methodology

Operational Transportation
Service Agreement

Click here for NGP OTSA version 2
Click here for NGP OTSA redline version
(version 1 dated 22 January 2019 vs version 2 dated 30 April 2020)

Click here for NGP OTSA version 1 (superseded)

Jemena Information about Operational Transportation Service Agreements Click here for Jemena Information about Operational Transportation Service Agreements

Standardisation Cost
Charge Information

Click here for Standardisation Cost Charge Information


Environmental Documentation - Rehabilitation Management Plan and Supporting Documentation

In accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC 2015/7569) Condition 15, the Approved Rehabilitation Management Plan can be found here. The Trench Inspection Procedure can be found here.

EPBC Annual Compliance Reports

In accordance with the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC 2015/7569) Condition 9, the Annual Compliance Reports can be found below:

2017/18 Annual Compliance Report

2018/19 Annual Compliance Report

2019/20 Annual Compliance Report

2020/21 Annual Compliance Report

2021/22 Annual Compliance Report

2022/23 Annual Compliance Report


Contact Us

To discuss your gas transportation needs, please contact Courtney Fabian, Commercial Manager – Victoria, NSW & Northern Territory on (03) 9173 8006 or


NGP Summary

Pipeline Class Transmission
Schematic Map Click here for NGP Schematic map
Length 622 km
Nameplate Capacity 90 TJ/d
Receipt Point Warrego (KP 0)
Delivery Point Mount Isa (KP 622)

At Receipt Point: Between 5,000 kPa gauge and 9,650 kPa gauge 

At Delivery Point: Between 6,500 kPa gauge and 14,800 kPa gauge


The Phillip Creek Compressor Station includes a Nitrogen Removal Unit to strip the gas of nitrogen to ensure NT Gas meets East Coast market specifications.  


2 Solar Taurus turbine compressor units at the Phillip Creek Compressor Station.

2 Solar Taurus turbine compressor units at the Mount Isa Compressor Station to support delivery onto the CGP.
Planned Maintenance Schedule Click here for AEMO Gas Bulletin Board Medium Term Capacity Outlook (Future)
Measurement Manual Click here for NGP Measurement Manual
Non-Discriminatory Access Policy Click here for Non-Discriminatory Access Policy

Technical and Physical Characteristics

Gas Specification Click here for NGP Gas Specification

Pursuant to Rule 558 of the National Gas Rules, the User Access Guide can be found here.

The information contained in these pages is current as at the date of publication and will remain current for the foreseeable future, or until the stated date where noted next to information that requires periodic update.