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Port Kembla Lateral Looping Pipeline Project

Jemena is proposing to upgrade its existing Port Kembla Lateral pipeline capabilities to strengthen the security of gas supply for New South Wales and the east coast gas market.

The proposed Port Kembla Lateral Looping Project will connect to Australian Industrial Energy (AIE), a Squadron Energy company, proposed Port Kembla Gas Terminal at Spring Hill and transport gas from there to local customers via Jemena’s Eastern Gas Pipeline. The Port Kembla Lateral Looping Project involves the construction of a 7.8 kilometre long, buried gas pipeline from Spring Hill to Kembla Grange in Wollongong City Council region. The project will also include an upgrade to Jemena’s existing Kembla Grange facility to include a metering station. 

The Port Kembla Lateral Looping Project complements Jemena’s efforts across northern Australia and New South Wales to make more gas available to Australian gas users including the 500 heavy industrial users and 33,000 NSW businesses which rely on natural gas for their operations.

Construction is planned to commence in December 2022, with commissioning of the project expected by the end of 2023.

Jemena will work closely with the local community to ensure they are informed as Jemena progresses the Port Kembla Lateral Looping Pipeline Project.

Approvals and Licencing 

A Modification to Jemena’s Eastern Gas Pipeline for the project has been approved by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). The modification is required to increase capacity to the EGP, to accommodate daily gas injection and maximum gas flows for the Port Kembla Gas Terminal Project, a separate project to be developed by AIE. The approval for Jemena’s Port Kembla Lateral Looping can be viewed via the DPIE Planning Portal.

Jemena lodged an application to vary the licence area for the Eastern Gas Pipeline (Pipeline Licence No. 26) for the Port Kembla Lateral Looping Project under Section 18 of the Pipelines Act which was approved in Q1 2023.


Regulatory and Approval Documents Post- approval Consent

The development of the project will require preparation of a number of regulatory and approval documents and management plans.

These documents will be added below as they are finalised.

Overall Project

Stage 1 – Pipeline Installation 

Stage 2 – Construction of Kembla Grange Metering Station



Emergency Management Plans:
Eastern Gas Pipeline  
Commissioning Construction Safety Study
Pipeline Management Plan


Map of the Port Kembla Lateral Looping Pipeline Project 

You can view a map of the route here:



Jobs and Contracts 

Jemena has chosen Wasco Australia to build the Kembla Grange Metering Station. Please visit Wasco’s website for more information and for job opportunities. 

Jemena has chosen Nacap as its pipeline construction contractor. Please visit Nacap’s website for more information and for job opportunities. 

If you are interested in other opportunities with Jemena, please visit our Careers page.

If you are interested in viewing current tender opportunities with Jemena, visit this page



For Jemena news, including news on Port Kembla Lateral Looping, please visit our Newsroom.


Project Information

Port Kembla Project - Fact Sheet
Port Kembla Project - Construction Update


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