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Over Dimensional Transport

A permit is required to transport oversized trucks or cargo through Jemena's network.

Where a customer wishes to transport an oversized truck or oversized cargo such as large objects, houses, buildings through the Jemena Electricity Network, the customer or business transporting the oversized object is required to submit an application to Jemena to ensure an appropriate route can be planned and any safety requirements considered before transport can commence.

Once applications are assessed, an outcome and permit can be issued to the customer along with any cost associated with the oversized transport or further instructions.

How to apply

1.    Download the application form
2.    Complete application form
3.    Email completed form to

Next Steps

Once Jemena has assessed the application, a response will be provided including:

- A permit letter if the route is clear to accommodate the dimensions of the over dimensional vehicle
- A permit letter outlining escort costs if the route requires escorting
- A response email if the transport is ongoing and requires permanent amendment to the overhead electricity line.

This will require the Applicant to approach Jemena via the existing Customer Portal requests for “network alterations” via the Jemena Electricity Distribution Portal

Jemena will endeavour to respond to applicants within 10 business days from receiving the application.