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Business Tariff Review

Has your business changed the way you use electricity?

You could save money by changing your network tariff and/or contract demand charge with the following steps;

STEP 1 - Review your electricity bill to determine your current network tariff, any demand charges, and your current consumption profile

STEP 2 - Review our tariff schedule to understand our different network tariffs* and consider what network tariff might best suit your requirements. If you have changed your consumption or level or demand, then you could be eligible for other network tariffs. If you are considering other ways to reduce your electricity bill, you may want to consider engaging an expert. There are many companies that can offer advice on the enhancements that might work for you.

NOTE: You may be eligible for a different network tariff. However, due to legal and regulatory obligations we are unable to make a tariff recommendation. Also, the prices your energy retailer charge may vary, so this should only be used as a guide.

STEP 3 - If you think you are eligible for another tariff that you would prefer to be assigned to download and complete a tariff reassignment form

STEP 3.1 (if applicable) - If you would like to alter your billed demand, an additional form must be filled out. You will also need to meet criteria as set out in our demand reset policy

NOTE: Changes to any contract demand may result in an additional capital contribution payment.

STEP 4 - Send completed forms to

STEP 5 - We will review your application and respond with a determination within 20 business days

NOTE: If you are experiencing hardship due to COVID-19, it's best to contact your energy retailer regarding your electricity bill.

*The network tariff you would be charged is our Network tariffs on page 1 to 7. The Distribution tariff, and TUoS/Jurisdictional tariffs sum up into the Network tariff.