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Gas Outages

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Useful Information

Gas Outage FAQs

Bushfire Safety Information

If you live in areas where bushfires could occur, please ensure:

  • Safe access to your gas meter or bottles and the area is clear of flammable materials.
  • If you have to evacuate and it is safe to do so turn off your gas supply or gas bottles – the valve to turn off your gas is located on the side of your meter or on top of your gas bottles.


Safety Around the Home

Take care with flammable products around the home:

  • Do not pour petrol near a gas appliance or flue outlet – petrol fumes could be ignited by the appliance flame
  • Do not fill your mower with petrol near a gas appliance or flue outlet
  • Do not spray aerosols near operating gas appliances – the flammable gas in aerosols pressure packs can be a fire hazard
  • Don't store chemicals or pressure packs on or near a gas appliance – heat may cause them to react or explode
  • Never use or store flammable materials such as petrol, mineral turpentine, paint or combustible cleaning solutions near a gas appliance
  • Turn off any pilot burners before using tile adhesive or solvents near a gas appliance

Jemena Service Level

As your gas distributor, we’re committed to delivering on a number of promises to you – they’re promises we want to keep. 

Before You Dig Australia 

Before you start digging, please call 1100 at least two working days prior to excavation. Service Operators are available between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (AEST), Monday to Friday. Before You Dig Australia is funded by utility organisations throughout Australia.