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Power Outage Notifications

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We’ll always give you at least four business days’ notice of a planned interruption. Customers may receive multiple notifications from Jemena:

  • A letter delivered by Australia Post
  • A hand delivered card
  • An email, if you have an email registered with your retailer
  • An SMS, if your mobile phone number is registered with your retailer

If we do have your email address and/or mobile phone details registered, we will also send reminders before the planned interruption starts, and let you know when power has been restored. Occasionally works may need to be postponed, typically during weather events, total fire ban days, unexpected safety issues, or emergencies. We will do our best to contact you if we need to postpone an outage.

To change your communication preferences for power outages please call us on 1300 131 871.

To make sure you receive an email or SMS from us about the planned outage please make sure your retailer has your correct contact details. 

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View any current outages via our Outages Map

Answers to common questions

Can I receive electricity outage notifications via SMS or Email?

Yes, customers will automatically receive electricity outage notifications via SMS and/or email (in addition to continuing to receive a physical card in the mail for any Planned Outages) if their mobile number and/or email address is listed on their electricity account with their energy retailer.

How can I opt-in to receive these digital outage notifications?

If you want to ensure that you will receive outage notifications via SMS, make sure that the mobile number listed on your electricity account with your energy retailer is up to date.  

Similarly, if you want to receive these outage notifications via email, make sure that the email address listed on your electricity account with your energy retailer is also up to date.

How can I opt-out of receiving these outage notifications?

When you receive an outage notification from us via SMS or email, you will be provided a unique link within the message to opt-out of future notifications. This link will expire after 30 days.

How can I opt back in with the same mobile number or email address?

If you opted out of these notifications accidentally, or changed your mind and want to opt back in with the same mobile number or email address, you will need to call our Customer Service team on 1300 131 871.

What do the electricity outage notifications look like?

Sample Planned Outage mailbox card:


Sample Outage email: