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Transforming the connections experience through CX Uplift

Jun 6, 2024

Following the successful launch of our CX Uplift program in 2023, our team are now hard at work on the next evolution of the program – ‘Transform’.

The first phase of CX Uplift involved updating our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, explained CX Innovation Manager Jesse Mills.

“The CRM system we launched last year consolidated customer information in one place, making it easier for us to help our customers.

“Because we want to keep improving our customers’ experience, in this next ‘Transform’ phase of the project we are enhancing customer-facing processes and systems - such as connections applications - by simplifying processes and making it easier for customers to do business with us,” she said.

The first stage of ‘Transform’ - Transform 2024 - will replace our current gas and outlook online portals with a single new customer portal in November 2024. The second stage of Transform (Transform 2025) will bring electricity connections into the new portal.

“The new portal will have a contemporary and user-friendly design and we are addressing some known pain points in current processes. The goal is for there to be less need for our customers to chase us – we’ll be able to be more on the front-foot.”

“We are currently testing our portal design with our customers, including retailers, to ensure that what we build meets their needs,” Jesse said.

When Transform 2024 launches, our customers will be able to:

  • Initiate and track gas applications from their own dashboard.
  • Save time thanks to clearer language and simpler forms.
  • Upload documents directly to the portal.
  • Have better visibility of job status, timelines and communications sent by Jemena to customers.
  • Choose their communication preferences.

“The CX Uplift program of work is just one part of the bigger picture of how our team are innovating towards an enhanced digital customer experience, which will make it easier for customers to connect with us,” Jesse concluded.