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Doing things differently to better meet customer needs

May 16, 2023

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Jemena’s Customer Experience (CX) Uplift program is now delivering benefits directly to customers following its recent launch.

The program, which is focused on enhancing existing technology, introducing new core technology and changing processes and systems, is just the beginning of a natural evolution for Jemena, explains Group Customer Experience Manager Lisa Mannix.

“With CX Uplift, we've rolled out new platforms and completely changed our ways of working so that we're making it easier for our customers. We’re automating a lot of our processes, meaning our customers will receive answers to their questions a lot quicker and faster than ever before.

“For example, if a customer is submitting a claim they can now do all of that online, add any supporting information or images, and that means it will get through to our claims people faster for investigation, and customers will get an outcome much quicker,” she said.

The three-to-five year CX Uplift program will have positive impacts for all Jemena customers, from residential customers to commercial businesses, across both its electricity and gas networks.

“What we'd expect to see in the future is enhanced service offerings which make it easier for all of our customers and our trade allies, such as plumbers and electricians, to connect with our network,” Lisa said.

Jemena’s General Manager Customer and Commercial Sandra Centofanti said that the business aims to keep the customer at the heart of all it does.

“We aim to be a leading customer service organisation. We are continually listening to and consulting with our customers on how we can best meet their needs through many different forums.

“The CX Uplift program of work is just one part of the bigger picture of how our team are innovating towards an enhanced digital customer experience, which will make it easier for customers to connect with us,” she said.