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Renovating your home? Here’s how to navigate gas connections and disconnections

May 30, 2024

Home renovation projects continue to be popular across Jemena’s residential gas network area in NSW, so a key part of Connections Subject Matter Expert (SME) Zoe Liberona’s role is managing the process of gas connections and disconnections, including how gas meters can be removed safely. 

"It’s not something people think of immediately when considering a home renovation,” said Zoe.

“However, we know those customers who contact us early find the whole renovation process easier to navigate.

“Starting a big home renovation or demolition project can be daunting, but our team are here to help manage all customer enquiries, whether someone is looking to install gas, relocate existing infrastructure, or have their gas meter removed.

“Regardless of the task at hand, safety is of primary importance. The gas meter removal process (also known as an abolishment) in particular needs to be managed safely for the well-being of our customers and the community.

“The good news is, the process is fairly simple, with only the first step being needed to be completed by the customer - Jemena will take care of the rest. The process is easy and ensures everyone’s safety,” she said.

Zoe said that services such as ‘Before You Dig Australia’ also offer customers vital information about the assets and infrastructure on their property. She added that it is important that people who are renovating are aware that for safety reasons, gas abolishments must be arranged if customers are carrying out major works near the gas service, or demolishing an existing property.

“Because of the danger of excavating near or around gas services, it is critical that a gas abolishment is completed before any major renovations or excavation work starts. This is required to ensure the safety of all involved.

“People might not be aware that it is illegal to tamper with and/or remove a gas meter. This is because working with live gas meters has significant risk. For this reason, only Jemena technicians are able to complete a gas abolishment and that’s why we manage the process of removing meters safely the way that we do,” she said.

Zoe says that Jemena’s Connections SMEs are constantly working to enhance processes across the gas distribution network to ensure quality and efficient service.

“We strive to complete gas meter removals within 20 business days of the request, however unfortunately sometimes this can be impacted by factors outside of our control, such as the weather or difficult site conditions,” she said.

For this reason, Zoe has an important message for any Jemena gas customer about to embark on a home renovation or demolition project.

“To avoid any penalties from their builders/demolishers, we urge our customers not to book demolitions at their properties until the abolishment has been completed,” she urged.

Zoe said that getting your gas reconnected at the end of a home renovation is easy to do.

“When you're ready to reconnect to gas, it's as simple visiting Jemena's Gas Portal and lodging an application. You can also do this through your gas retailer and we will arrange the new connection for you to your newly built home.

“We’re also working on a new project to make the connection process even simpler - meaning less stress for you during your home renovation. When available, our new technology will give you, your gas retailer and your plumber and builder the ability to track the status of your connection and stay updated as things progress,” she concluded.