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Improvements in CT metering helping electrify Melbourne’s north-west

Feb 1, 2024

Throughout 2023, Jemena’s Current Transformer (CT) metering team have put in place significant process improvements to reduce the risk of delayed connections across the Jemena electricity network in Melbourne’s north-west.

Ultimately, these improvements simplify CT metered connection procedures and save our customers time and money , explains CT Metering Officer Khaled Hossain.

“For electrical capacity above 76Amps per phase up until high voltage supplies, a CT connection is needed to convert high current/voltage to a lower value for the meter to be able to read what is passing through the cables. Conventional meters cannot be used to measure such high current/voltage.

“By actively listening to our customers, we have developed a clear process for them to follow when requesting connections, including clarity on the information required from them. We have also implemented CT connection procedure guide for our CT meters and external contestable CT meters, along with early preliminary compliance inspections.

“This allows our customers to completely understand the process and reach out to us early, helping to ensure the entire project goes smoothly from design to delivery to final energisation.

“Collectively, these enhancements have resulted in a significant reduction in the number of escalations and follow up calls and emails from customers and provided opportunities for Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) to identify and get on top of potential compliance issues that may delay the connection. The result – our customers save time and money whilst maintaining realistic project delivery dates,” he said.

Khaled said one particular project stands out as a good example of the improvements to enhance the CT Metering process.

“Last year, we worked on an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger project in Essendon. Because of the CT Metering process guide and the new processes implemented, the REC was able to get CTs approved even before the application was made.

“We were also able to identify issues with the electrical installations onsite via an early preliminary compliance inspection and get these rectified almost immediately. Finally, we were able to align our crews, operators, and compliance officers much earlier, resulting in energisation being delivered more smoothly than previously.

“As a result, the REC and the customer were extremely satisfied with the entire process and are looking forward to their next project here with us at Jemena,” he said.

Khaled said the CT metering team are focused on ensuring further efficiencies to the process are implemented in 2024.

“CT meters and the installation of CT’s are a growing area for our business. I really enjoy the variety of projects I get to work on, from connecting data centres, EV chargers, through to hospitals, schools, universities, airports, urban residential development projects and much more.

“At the end of the day, electricity is what powers our daily lives and as we transition to a net-zero energy system in the future, it’s really satisfying to play a part in that,” he said.