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Have your say: Jemena releases Draft Pricing and Services Plan for consultation  

Feb 6, 2024

Leading energy infrastructure company, Jemena, has today released its Draft Pricing and Services Plan (the plan) for feedback following an 18 month community and customer consultation period.

The 130+ page document outlines how Jemena will manage its New South Wales gas distribution network – which services over 1.5 million customers across Sydney and parts of regional New South Wales – over the next five years, as the company responds to Australia’s evolving energy landscape.

Following a public feedback period, the plan will be submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in June 2024, before being enacted from 1 July 2025.

Jemena’s General Manager of Regulation, Ana Dijanosic, said Jemena had worked hard to ensure the plan reflected what mattered most to its customers and the broader Australian community.

“Our customers told us that they are feeling the pressure of the rising cost of living and urged us to take steps to ensure gas distribution charges remain affordable over the next five year period,” said Ms Dijanosic.

“Our customers are also grappling with the uncertainty of the energy transition and stressed that they want us to balance affordability while also planning for the future.

“Pleasingly, our plan responds to both of these needs by proposing a modest increase in [1] network charges of [2]1.69% each year until 2030. Our plan also outlines the role renewable gases, such as biomethane, could play in reducing emissions from gas usage in the future.”

Ms Dijanosic said customers involved in the development of the Draft Pricing and Services Plan provided Jemena with feedback in six key areas:

  • Affordability – we heard that balancing the rising cost of living is a priority for our customers so that no one is left behind as the energy sector transitions to lower its emissions. Our customers want us to consider affordability over the short and long-term when making decisions.
  • Reliability and safety – we heard that customers want a safe and reliable gas service today and in the future.
  • Fairness – our customers want us to consider fairness in context of the energy transition, as well as its impact on both existing and future generations, and on our more price-sensitive customers. 
  • Access to the gas network - we heard that customers want the choice to be able to use gas both now and into the future, and that there should be diversity of supply.
  • Environment – we heard from customers that they want us to contribute to a more sustainable environment in the future.

Jemena’s Draft Pricing and Services Plan will be open for feedback until 4 March 2024.

“We encourage customers using gas across regional New South Wales and Sydney to provide us with feedback on the draft plan by completing a short five minute online survey, or providing a written submission via our engagement website. This is an important next step in ensuring the plan reflects broad sentiment across the community,” said Ms Dijanosic.

To provide feedback on the plan and complete the survey visit:




[1] Relates to the network charges portion of a customer’s gas bill and does not incorporate increases related to retail or generation costs.

[2] Increase is in real terms and does not take into account inflation.

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