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Your rights and obligations

At Jemena, customers are at the heart of what we do every day. As well as delivering you safe and reliable natural gas, we want to help support you as your personal or business gas needs evolve. Here’s what you can expect from us, and what as a valued customer we’d ask of you.

As your gas distributor you can count on us to:

  • maintain a safe and reliable gas network
  • install and maintain the gas service line to your property boundary
  • supply and maintain a gas meter set at your place
  • let you know in advance if your gas supply is likely to be affected by any planned works in your area
  • support your safety and privacy by providing identification any time one of our employees and contractors visits your premises

As a customer, you need to:

  • keep our equipment on your property (including the meter) safe and secure
  • give us access to your property to read and maintain the meter
  • keep any gas equipment owned by you (including the gas service line) on your property in a safe condition
  • pay the costs of repair if the gas service line is damaged or faulty, including the costs of repairing all surfaces
  • make sure you dial before you dig if you’re completing any underground or landscaping work

For more information or your rights, see our Deemed Standard Connection Contract (noting if you use one terajoule or less of gas per year, you have additional ‘small customer rights’).

To share any feedback, make a complaint or learn more about our dispute resolution process, please visit our feedback and complaints page.