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Usage and Costs

Understanding your gas bill

As your gas distributor, we make up about 37% of your typical annual household natural gas bill. These costs usually include fixed charges (for looking after your gas meter, pipes and local network) and variable charges (cost per unit of gas you use). 

To learn more about what goes into your bill, see our gas network video.

Reading your meter

Every three months (or more frequently for some larger business customers) we’ll visit your property to check how much natural gas you’ve used over the last period and pass this information onto your retailer to calculate your gas bill. 

To help us get an accurate read, it’s important our meter readers have clear and safe access to the gas meter on your property. Trees, fences, walls, secured doors, landscaping – even pets – can sometimes get in the way and mean we need to reschedule or estimate your meter read. 

For tips on providing good access, see our meter reading and billing FAQs.

Submitting your own meter read

Of course if it’s just not possible for us to get to your meter (for example, you live in a remote location or your meter is in a secured area) you can provide us or your gas retailer with meter readings yourself. 

For more information on meter reading or billing, contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 137 078 during business hours or email