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Pulse Output Connection

A Pulse Output Counter can help you get access to real-time gas flow data for your business.
Please note: pulse output data is raw data and cannot be directly used to calculate bills.

Who can apply?


What's involved?

To complete this connection you’ll first need a compatible gas meter, interface equipment and building management system or data logger. While we can help with the meter, your gas fitter or plumber and electrician will need to help with everything else.

Once we have your completed application, we’ll make you an offer outlining charges and works we’ll perform, including design requirements for your interface equipment and an installation checklist.


How much will it cost?

Charges vary based on your meter and will be outlined in your offer. You may also receive separate charges from your plumber and electrician for their work.


What else do I need to know?

Please make sure your application also includes:

    • Meter details & photographs (so we can check compatibility)
    • Technical drawings for your pulse output interface (use our standard design or ask your electrician for help)
    • A Certificate of Electrical Safety.

A licensed electrician must be on site for the installation appointment to provide the certificate of electrical safety for your interface cabinet and hazardous area wiring.

Interface equipment must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and Australian Standards.

Pulse counter services are performed under the terms of our Terms and Conditions for Pulse Output Connection Services.