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Meter Replacement Program

Jemena replaces meters as part of its standard maintenance program. When it’s time for a meter to be replaced, it will appear on a schedule and the meter will be replaced.


Why is Jemena replacing the meter?

Replacement of old meters is done in the best interest of the customer to ensure that the meter is operating effectively. When the meter is scheduled for replacement it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the meter, but because they have a lifecycle and they often sit outside in the elements, we periodically exchange them for a newer model or unit. Jemena meter readers may also notice that a meter looks older or is showing signs of wear and tear, and request replacement outside the normal scheduled replacement cycle. 


What will happen when the meter needs to be replaced?

As the meter is Jemena's property, we are entitled to enter the property to replace it. We'll contact you to schedule the replacement of your meter. 

Interrupting your gas supply

We might need to interrupt your gas supply as part of our regular maintenance program. We'll contact you with at least 4 business days' notice.