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Gas Planned Interruptions

What is a planned interruption?

In order to maintain a reliable gas supply to homes and businesses, we sometimes have to carry out planned maintenance and temporarily interrupt your gas supply. In accordance with our regulatory obligations, we must provide you with at least 4 business days’ notice of any planned supply interruption.

If your property will be affected by planned gas works, we will give you two forms of notice before the works start to fulfil our obligations:

    • You will receive a letter with advance notice, containing a range of dates when the work will likely take place.
    • If you are within the Jemena Gas Network catchment aream you will not receive a letter if your meter is being replaced.


Once the work at your property is scheduled, you will receive a card in your letterbox a minimum of 4 business days before the works, providing you with the expected date.

Work will normally take place any time between 7.30am and 4.00pm and occasionally between 7:00am and 6:00pm; and your property’s gas supply will be turned off. When the gas supply is restored to the street, a representative will turn on the gas and check the supply to your appliances.

There are five types of gas works where planned interruptions may occur, these are:

  1. Boundary Regulators
  2. Dual Services
  3. Meter Replacement
  4. Rehabilitation/Mains Upgrade
  5. Winter Gauging


Further information is provided below for each work type.